Sushi Cincinnati


Private Sushi Rolling Parties & Catering

Private Sushi Rolling Parties for Home & Business.

Private sushi party at your location, minimum of 24 guest, cost is $30 per person plus tax and tip. Everyone will be brought up to the table in groups of 4 and will get to roll 2 roll of their choice. Visit our Facebook page to see video of guest rolling.

Price includes:
Seafood selections:
RAW - Ahi Tuna - Salmon
COOKED - Spicy Shrimp- Spicy Snow Crab - Crabstick (used in California Roll)
FILLERS - avocado, cucumber, green onion, red pepper, cream cheese
disposable plates, napkins, chopsticks, soy sauce, spicy mayo, sweet chili sauce

Designer plastic wave plates $2 each and 25 pack of 10oz plastic drink cups $5.

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